“Never Have So Many Owed So Much To So Few”
Winston Churchill

When you go home tell them of us and say,

for your tomorrow,

we gave our today.

Roll Of Honour R-Z

The Kidderminster War Memorials Conservation Trust
Registered As A Charity In England And Wales - Registration Number 1095601


Rainsford, W.J
Ralley, A
Randall, A.G
Rastall, C.H
Reading, S
Reece, W.C
Rew, A
Reynolds, A
Reynolds, F
Reynolds, F.J
Reynolds, G
Reynolds, H
Reynolds, J
Reynolds, T
Richards, E.H
Robbins, G
Roberts, G
Roberts, C.C
Roberts, E.L
Roberts, F.J
Roberts, G.W
Roberts, W.A
Roberts, W.E
Robertshaw, W
Rogers, W
Rogers, W.G
Robins, G.E
Robinson, A.G
Robinson, E.W
Roden, W.R
Rogers, A.P

Rollings, A
Rollings, A.G
Rollings, R.R
Rollings, T.N
Rook, B
Rose, H
Rowley, A.W
Rutter, G.T
Rudd, W.J
Ryall, E.A
Ryder, G

Sadler, H
Salter, J
Salters, S.W
Sandell, C
Sandell, W
Saunders, E
Saunders, E.A
Saunders, E.J
Sharman, L.W.H
Shaylor, N
Sheridan, T
Shilvock, F.J
Shinton, G.F
Shinton, G.H
Simmonds, J
Skerrett, J
Skelton, N
Slater, C.F
Sly, R
Smart, E
Smith, A
Smith, D.A.J
Smith, D.W
Smith, F.F
Smith, G.W
Smith, H
Smith, J.E
Smith, I.F
Smith, S.W
Smith, W
Smith, W.E
Smith, W.H

Spence, F
Spry, W.R.J
Squires, J
Squires, J
Stanley, C.W

Stanford, F
Stokes, W.G
Stone, A
Stooke, A
Stooke, H
Street, N.K
Stride, C.R
Styles, P
Styles, W.C
Sunderland, G
Surr, R.V
Surrall, W
Sweetman, A.E

Taft, J.B
Talbot, J.L.P
Tanner, H
Tarpey, H
Tarpey, B.J
Tarpey, H.J
Tate, T
Taylor, G
Taylor, H.C
Taylor, H.G
Taylor, T
Taylor, W
Taylor, W.G
Teague, J
Teale, A
Thatcher, M
Thatcher, P
Todd, W.C
Thomason, J
Thompson, W
Till, H.W
Timmis, A
Todd, J.H
Tooley, C.F
Tovey, C
Tovey, G.H
Tovey, W.S
Tranter, A.R
Tranter, F.C
Tranter, R.F
Tremlett, A.C
Turvey, W
Tyers, G.A
Tyler, L
Tyler, W

Underhill, W.H
Underwood, C
Underwood, A.E
Underwood, F.S
Underwood, S

Vaughan, H
Vaux, J
Vaux, W

Wadams, J.E.P
Wagstaff, E
Wagstaff, F
Wakefield, L
Wakeman, C
Waldron, S
Waldron, W.H
Walford, F
Walker, E
Walker, H
Wall, A
Wall, E.G
Walters, F

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Walters, H
Walters, J
Walters, W
Wardle, A
Wardle, A
Warren, J
Watherstone, R
Watkins, H
Watkins, J
Watkins, L
Watkinson, F
Watson, L.T
Weaver, A.J
Weaver, W.E
Webb, F.J
Webb, R.H
Wedgbury, E
Welle, J
Wellings, F
Wellings, J.T
West, J
Westwood, E.J
Whale, W.W
Whattus, J
Wheatley, R.S.P
White, C.H
White, J
White, W
Whitehouse, C.A
Whitehouse, C.H
Whitehouse, E
Whitehouse, G.H
Whitehouse, W
Whitehouse, W.H
Whitmore, A
Whitmore, H.J
Whitmore, R.A

Whittall, H.S
Wilbraham, T.A
Wild, F
Wilde, J.A
Wilde, W

Williams, A
Williams, A.G
Williams, P.E
Williams, R
Williams, S
Wilkes, H
Wilkes, H.J.T
Wilkes, J
Wilkes, S.J
Wilkes, T.H
Wilkes, W.S
Wills, A.H
Wills, L
Wiltshire, T.R
Wilson, C.W
Wilson, T
Wilson, W.H
Winbury, A.C
Woodward, J
Woodyatt, A.A

Woodyatt, L.E
Woollams, A
Woollams, F
Wright, H.S
Wyers, C.E

Wright, A.C
Wright, G.P
Wyer, F
Wyers, F.A
Wyers, R.C

Yapp, R
Yarnold, S.A
Yarsley, S.J.H
Young, A.F
Youngjohns, A

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